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Daniel Lui's
Fine & Specialty Chinese Teas & Accessories

About The Chinese Tea Shop

Meet the owner, Daniel Lui

Daniel Lui moved to Vancouver, Canada from Hong Kong in 1997. He has made the subject of Chinese tea an intensive study since he was as a teenager, an interest first introduced to him by his father Ken Lui, also a great lover of Chinese tea. Daniel was always interested to discuss the finer points of tea and Chinese culture with friends at social gatherings and at local markets . Over the years as his knowledge and reputation in the community grew, many people encouraged him to start his own authentic Chinese tea shop.

After graduating from college in Business Administration, Daniel started selling tea in 2001 and then opened ARTS DE CHINE (ARTS OF CHINA) in 2004 at 101 East Pender Street in the Chinatown district of Vancouver. The name was changed in the summer of 2009 to THE CHINESE TEA SHOP and the store layout changed to make more room and better reflect the store’s focus.


It didn't take long for the customers to come. Today, THE CHINESE TEA SHOP is as much a gathering place for tea lovers as it is a place to find great tea. On any day, you can find people from anywhere in the world talking together or sitting at Daniel's tea desk trying the latest teas and discussing tea and Chinese antiques.

A patient listener and teacher, Daniel insists on the highest quality in everything from instruction to tea products, good prices and telling people what they are getting for their money. Every year, Daniel travels to China for 3 weeks at spring harvest to meet his contacts and sample the new teas in person. Some of these relationships have endured for many years and as tea experts know, are essential to procuring the best tea. Not surprisingly, Daniel provides tea to many tea shops and restaurants in Canada, the US and the UK.

If you have experience with tea, you know how important all these things really are. Daniel has applied the same principles that have made THE CHINESE TEA SHOP such a success to our website and hopes in some small way to contribute to your experience with tea as a long lasting and enjoyable one.


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Daniel Lui

Daniel Lui, Owner

The Chinese Tea Shop

The Chinese Tea Shop

Daniel and Ken Lui

Daniel and Ken Lui

Pu-Erh Department